Hair Loss Treatment

Thinning, falling and loss of hair, coupled with baldness is a nightmare to many and can be seen among almost all age groups. The medical terminology for thinning hair or falling hair is telogen effluvium while loss of hair is termed as alopecia or baldness. It is believed that baldness is hereditary and also related to age. There can be a number of reasons contributing to the loss of hair and some of them are autoimmune conditions as well as genetic predisposition. Some other important causes are tinea capitis, eczema of the scalp, thyroid problems, hormonal problems, thyroid problems, drugs, stress, fever, medicines used for treating hypertension as well as cancer. Taking appropriate care so that these symptoms can be treated soon, is very important as hair is essentially a very important part of our appearance.

Hair Loss Symptoms

Men and women experience androgenetic alopecia with equal frequency, although it may be camouflaged better in women. In men, androgenetic alopecia is characterized by gradual hair thinning that most often affects the crown and frontal areas of the scalp. In many men, the hairline around the temples regresses. As it moves back to the midscalp, an M-shaped hair pattern develops. The hair in areas affected by hair loss may be of various lengths and thickness, and the presence of uneven lengths and texture is a classic sign of male pattern balding.

Women may have similar patterns of hair loss, although typically the hair loss is a little more diffuse than in men; women rarely experience loss of all their hair.

Why choose Homoeopathy Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatment, not only helps in controlling hair loss, but also helps rejuvenate the hair and helps it grow into a healthier mane. It stimulates the roots of the hair which automatically promote better growth of the hair. As it is already known, all Homeopathic medications are natural and have no synthetic elements, unlike other chemical medications. Therefore it is also understood that the Homeopathy treatment for hair Loss never have any adverse side effects.

Why Treatment by TotalHomoeoCare is the way to go

TotalHomoeoCare makes sure that their medicines treat the problems at the very root so that the hair fall can be controlled and the lost luster and bounce is brought back as much as possible. It may take longer than the more erratic allopathic counterparts, but the problem is definitely eradicated from the roots itself. The key to success here is to not lose patience and continue the medication for as long as it is prescribed. In fact TotalHomoeoCare makes use of several uncommon and rare remedies which can prove to be extremely useful for the patients. Once the Hair Loss treatment processes start, some additional measures are to be adopted as well to make sure that the medicines have their desired effects. These include having a proper diet that is devoid of any kind of junk food and include green leafy vegetables, vitamins and nutrients. All this said and done, TotalHomoeoCare does its best to take care of your hair and prevent you from losing any more of them.