Child Health Care

child careWith the advancements in the traditional methods of treatments and medicines, anyone can clearly witness the ever-increasing list of side effects arising from other treatment method, especially in the field of child care. In such a scenario, Homoeopathy acts as a boon for the children.Homeopathic Treatment is considered to be the safest and the best treatment method with no side effect when it comes to children because of its effectiveness and negligible side effects. Also, unlike antibiotics, Homeopathic medicines do not affect the immunity of the children and treat them with care.
We, at TotalHomeoCare, are determined to provide you the best treatment facilities with utmost care and zero side effects. TotalHomeoCare is a well-known name in homeopathic treatment in India for curing a plethora of health issues of children. In the present day scenario, children are prone to many health conditions. Few of them are addressed below.

Memory disorder is one of the most abundant issues that many children have to deal with. Memory disorders in children occur mainly due to lack of sleep and excessive exertion. The symptoms include using incorrect letters in words and forgetting spellings. It can be treated by expert consultancy in Homoeopathy and side-effect free treatment that online Homeopathy treatment can ensure.

Disorders in proper development of height and growth of children is also a constant point of concern for most parents and most families. Antibiotics when used to address such issues can lower the immunity of the children in the long run and also cause unwanted side effects. Homeopathy can provide a solution to these problems and stimulate the height and growth of children properly.

Influenza was one of the most dangerous epidemics encountered by mankind. Still, a large number of toddlers get caught by Influenza very often. Major symptoms of Influenza are high fever, frequent chills, headache, and cough. Homeopathy can cure it easily by expert guidance and medicines which vary according to symptoms.

Diarrhea drains the children because of dehydration and inflicts sudden weakness in children. It is often caused by food poisoning. Homeopathic treatment of diarrhea in children is very efficient and is without any medicinal side effects.

Mumps in children is categorized by fever, hot face and inflammation of cheeks. Generally, it causes severe pain in the right cheek. Treatment of mumps through Homoeopathy ensures that the treatment has no side effects and the children are cured entirely from this disease.

Chickenpox is a very common health issue amongst children as well as adults. The main symptoms of chickenpox are restlessness accompanied by a white tongue, stinging pox and fever. Homeopathic medicines and online Homeopathic Consultation may be opted forto cure this disease.

According to statistics, Asthma stands on the third position when it comes to the hospitalization of children under 15 years of age. It is characterized by chronic inflammation of airways and difficulty in breathing. It can also be cured effectively by expert online homeopathic treatment.

Anemia is a very fatal disease that many children have to deal with. The symptoms include variable heartbeat, short breaths, and weakness. Anemia in children can also lead to complications in future. So it is also important to treat this with the help of Homoeopathy, which evidently has no side effects on the patient.

Conjunctivitis’s also known as ‘pink eye’. It is a contagious allergy that affects the eyes and makes them pink. Symptoms of conjunctivitis include reddish eyes with increased sensitivity to light. Homeopathic medicines have the power to treat this thoroughly and sensitively, without any side effect. Since organs as important as eyes are involved, Homeopathic treatment works better than other conventional methods of treatment.

Measles is another predicament which captures individuals generally in the childhood. Its symptoms include high fever, thirst, dryness of skin and droopy eyes. It can be treated by various homeopathic medicines without any further effect on health in the long run.

Whooping cough is characterized by severe coughing, nasal congestion accompanied by fatigue and fever. Children under the age of 14 are very prone to it. Homeopathic treatment and medicines can be used without a doubt to treat Whooping Cough in children.