Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

TotalHomeoCare offers Online treatment(cyber-counseling) for patient who is seeking for Homeopathy treatment. It’s helpful for those patient who are not able to take Homeopathy treatment because of time or distance. And we believe to take right treatment on right time/decision otherwise it may lead/cause to be big health issues. TotalHomeoCare use a variety of media such as via email, Online case taking, real-time chat, and video conferencing.
Treatment can be start in 2-Steps after fill form. Step 1: Once you pay consultation fee,TotalHomeoCare’s Customer-care calls you for further detail and fix appointment with patient on mutual convenient time. Step 2: After appointment, Doctor will take your case taking, do counseling and treatment/advice accordingly .
Click any of Button 'Online Consultation' or cyber clinic. Then fill the form and pay accordingly. TotalHomeoCare’s Customer-care calls you for further detail and fix appointment with patient on mutual convenient time.
when you go for homeopathy treatment, first thing homeopath work with remove the various side effects of other and previous medications. after that, detail patient’s case study which includes history too, helps to correct medicine, which leads to complete cure without recurring of complaints. A homeopathic medicine is chosen on the basis of totality of symptoms. Homeopathic medicines are chosen on the basis of case taking - like, unlike, emotional, physical constitutional type and patient’s mental situation.
It's myth that homeopathy is slow to act. Specially in acute ailments like acute infections, fever, cough etc, In fact it acts as fast as conventional medicines, sometimes even much faster. Some times in case of, if diseases are very chronic like skin disorder diabetes, psoriasis etc, it take some more time to cure the disease in permanent way, as homeopathy doesn’t use steroid. you can not expect magic in one night, as chronic disease takes long time to develop, so do the treatment. besides that, homeopathy is more progressive and advanced today. you get fastest and effective results than previous homeopathy .
Experts In Consulting & Specialized In Child Care,Skin Care,Pregnancy Care, Mother Care After Pregnancy,Hair Loss,Acute And Chronic Diseases Treatment etc.