About Us

TotalHomoeoCare – The Ultimate Homoeopathy Solution

TotalHomoeoCare started off its journey with a passion to make the world and its people a lot healthier. Since the time of its inception, it has come a long way with many fruitful years of experience, witnessing thousands of people get better with our expert consultation and treatment procedures.

Why is TotalHomoeoCare’s Homoeopathy the Way to Go?

Homoeopathy is already a trusted name when it comes to treating diseases from the very roots. It seeks to correct and at the same time reverse the symptoms of illness of the patients by catering to the entire system of the body and causing a wholesome recovery. TotalHomoeoCare uses Homoeopathy to the best of its functions and aims to treat an ailing person with respect to his/her physical, mental as well as emotional health. Our methods and medications are completely safe, devoid of any kind of side effects and so much so, that even pregnant women as well as babies can turn to us for our Homoeopathic treatments.

Treat Chronic Diseases with More Success than Ever

Rare and chronic diseases, which so far have not been addressed well by conventional methods of treatment, can be treated with Homoeopathic procedures and that too, with exceptionally well results. Our online consultations by experts in the field are at par with world-class treatment procedures and promise to make your lives a whole lot better.

Why are we Unique ?

We, at TotalHomoeoCare, are fully determined to provide you a world-class Homoeopathic treatment in diverse medical domains namely pregnancy care, skin care, hair care and many other fields of specialization. We believe in treating the ever-growing skin, hair and other ailments with utmost meticulousness and assure you quality care at the times of chronic illnesses as well. We are determined at providing completely safe and favorable Homoeopathic treatments to all who turn to us for help.

Because Safe Medication should be the Priority!

There is no need to be concerned about any complication from our treatments as TotalHomoeoCare guarantees treatment without side effects. We have specialized consulting doctors from all the major fields, who will guide you throughout your journey towards recovery. Even in cases as sensitive as pregnancy, we help you deal with and even prevent symptoms such as backache, bleeding, bleeding gums, constipation, DVT, piles, pelvic pain, high blood pressure, vaginal bleeding, varicos veins etc. Along with pregnancy care, we also provide consultancies in skin care, child care, hair loss and treatment of various acute and chronic diseases.

Our areas of expertise include various skin diseases like leukoderma, eczema, allergic dermatitis, uriticaria, psoriasis, herpes and many more. We strive hard to give a completely safe and satisfying experience and consultancy with a strong proof and record of Homoeopathic treatment and its effectiveness.

Apart from providing online services in Homoeopathy, we also provide an option for offline consultancy. We assist our patients by providing them support for normal delivery, Homoeopathic medicines and many more.

Our offline consultancy can be availed at Shop 03, Sambhu Complex, Axis Bank Building, HB Road, Ranchi, Jharkhand.